Location: Amsterdam, NL
Role: Full Time

We are looking to hire a key team member to handle business development responsibilities in Europe at RapidPricer. RapidPricer is an AI company that utilizes deep learning algorithms and machine vision to dynamically price and promote products, with a focus on fresh produce, to match their real-time value based on freshness, competition and market conditions. With deep expertise in retail pricing, we compute merchandising actions for real-time execution in a retail environment.

• Experience of working with retailers in Europe
• Extensive Retail network through past work associations
• Entrepreneurial spirit and a keen interest in proactively building new products
• Undergraduate degree; graduate degree a plus
• 10-15 years of experience in, sales, post-sales, or client delivery
• Strong organizational skills and ability to handle multiple tasks and priorities
• Fierce desire to be a critical team member in a rapidly growing venture
• Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills
• Willingness to travel ~50-60%

You will be working with our core team Amsterdam, Netherlands. You will also be meeting with advisors and investors from Amsterdam who help us with our goals and objectives. From time to time regular interaction with the core algorithm and product development need may be required to drive the direction of the product development in line with the market requirements. Outside of RapidPricer, you will be required to meet with Industry experts, partners and potential clients on a regular basis to achieve the desired business development goals.

Primary responsibilities:
Your primary role will be to drive adoption and satisfaction rates for the RapidPricer product, with a particular focus on the early deployment, training and adoption phases.

The role is accountable for managing and monitoring a broad range of tasks and responsibilities including:
(1) Closing business deals through contract negotiations
(2) Forming alliances and partnerships across multiple countries and geographies around Europe
(3) Work with product development and algorithm development teams to help build product in line with the market requirements

Additional Responsibilities:
• You will develop best practices and codify knowledge related to sales and marketing development plans.
• You will support in-person or remote client development activities (workshops, forum, newsletter, events, get together, users community).
• You will work with our partner network to ensure successful delivery of projects through implementation, operation and measurement of results.
• You will work with tradeshows and industry events to help grow the brand and generate more business opportunities for the company
• Lastly, you will contribute ideas for new product and service development, marketing and communication initiatives, and operational
improvement and you will identify opportunities to improve customer journey through new products features, service enhancements, and knowledge development.


Company Overview: RapidPricer is developing an exciting platform to automate the world of retail pricing. We leverage the latest innovations in the area of artificial intelligence to dynamically price retail products in real time based on internal and external market conditions. Our core values are based on continuous practical innovations that serve a real need for retail. We are a truly global company with clients in Europe & Latin America & technology development in the Silicon Valley.

This is a role for you if you:

  • Like working in an entrepreneurial environment with high energy, innovation and motivation.
  • Would rather work with map and compass rather than a GPS with turn by turn instructions.
  • Like working with teams that are diverse and spread across the globe with different work cultures.
  • If so, RapidPricer might be the perfect place to you to work at.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Compensation: € 300/ Month

Job Summary: Responsible for performing business development activities and research thereby providing insights regarding the market, trends, competitors, potential and existing customers.

Preferred Qualifications:

Degree in one of the following: marketing, market research, statistics, computer science, math, social sciences, business administration, or communications.

The Expertise We’re Looking For:

  • Identify new market opportunities and gather data about customers, competitors, and market conditions
  • Assist in business development activities with meetings, content and branding
  • Develop collateral and other business material based on branding guidelines
  • Design and manage investment documents, business plans and executive summaries
  • Manage operating tools such as HubSpot, LinkedIn, Twitter, Etc.
  • Work with User Experience/ User Interface team to develop MVPs
  • Set up product demos with various hardware components
  • Set up calendars, arrange meetings and manage next steps on meetings with Investors, founders, business partners, attorneys and advisors
  • Manage quarterly goals document for the company and track progress with reporting Build analytical dashboards
  • Help arrange company events such as demo nights, speaking engagements, tradeshows
  • Organize and manage company documents and set up process to manage
  • Coordinate with offshore teams to get help on any of the tasks listed above and manage day to day tasks and activities

Sounds interesting? Then get in touch and let’s discuss further!


We are looking to hire a key team member to handle pricing implementations in European retail store. RapidPricer is an AI company that utilizes deep learning algorithms and machine vision to dynamically price and promote products, with a focus on fresh produce, to match their real-time value based on freshness, competition and market conditions. With deep expertise in retail pricing, we compute merchandising actions for real-time execution in a retail environment.

Job Description
The pricing analyst is a key resource to provide pricing solutions to RapidPricer customers through the sales and account management channels. The pricing analyst uses information resources regarding customer needs, historical data, market conditions, and internal margin/revenue targets to prepare pricing quotes and/or internal proposals regarding pricing strategies for future campaigns/seasons/segments.

• Develop and maintain pricing tool and profitability models
• Grow total gross margin dollars by identifying pricing actions that encourage higher sale values, conversion rates, inelasticity,
margin rates, and customer satisfaction
• Forecast margins to help the business understand the impact of promotional and seasonal pricing
• Monitor input costing changes and develop sensitivity analysis thresholds to provide reporting on potential changes to finished
product prices
• Present pricing analysis at a monthly strategy meeting, with insights, trends, and suggestions
• Communicate and help implement pricing changes bi-directionally through the command chain
• Lead pricing-related projects including establishing timelines, defining deliverables, and drafting communications or presentations
• Maintain knowledge and stay abreast of developments in the industry via information obtained from financial publications and
services, government agencies, company sources, and personal interviews
• Assist R&D efforts with market views and feedback

Skills and Requirements
• Bachelor’s degree in finance, operations, research, statistics, math, economics, or related analytical discipline preferred
• Financial management experience with planning, forecasting, and business analysis
• Experience within retail industry would be great to have
• Work cross-functionally throughout the organization to drive analysis-driven change
• Demonstrates complex problem resolution proficiency and the ability to identify/implement process and system enhancements
• Proficiency with analytical and presentation tools like Excel pivot tables, SQL queries, graphing, PowerPoint, Keynote
• knowledge of BI tools like Tableau, Cognos, Business Objects or SPSS and practical experience analyzing data, program metrics, and
performance would be an added advantage

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